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Local Heroes! Warsaw Restaurant Delivery
Deliver Us From Evil! As the implications of a restaurant shutdown ring around Poland’s F&B sector, those involved in the industry have struck back in a spirited bid to keep the segment afloat – if the public can’t get to the restaurant, then take the restaurant to the public!... Read more
The Next Big Thing: Trends
In the international scheme of things you’d struggle to call Warsaw a trend-maker. But a trend-taker? You bet. If someone comes up with a good idea or, for that matter, any idea, you can expect it to be replicated a thousand times over by the time the sun sets.... Read more
Warsaw Restaurant Week
Now extended to cover eleven Polish cities, the latest installation of Restaurant Week kicks-off today with 72 Warsaw restaurants confirmed to take part. The basis is simple: for the full length of the festival, participating restaurants will be offering three-course set menus for the bargain price of zł. 39.... Read more
Octopus October!
Where Warsaw is concerned, no food has spread its tentacles in recent months as much as octopus. While once it was a relative rarity in Warsaw’s restaurants, today its commonplace, usually given big billing on the menu and plenty of promotion on Facebook. Despite its burgeoning profile, it remains... Read more
Restaurants: Warsaw In Brief
The Top Table That they own the only Michelin stars in Poland says much about both Senses and Atelier Amaro (pictured below): moments of pure theater are matched by cooking of such inspiration it often distorts into fantasy. L’enfant Terrible enjoy a similarly adventurous reputation though a far less... Read more
The Next Michelin?
Some are already regarding it as the biggest eyesore the city has sprouted for years. Others see Mac Stopa’s design at the foot of the Spire as a boundary breaking project that’s iconic of modern Warsaw. Whichever side of the divide you fall under, it’s already achieved one aim... Read more
Fine Dining Week
Warsaw’s first ever ‘fine dining week’ aims to showcase the higher end of the capital’s restaurant scene: for zł. 119 diners will be able to enjoy a tailor-made 5-course tasting menu at a number of upmarket restaurants. “During the festival,” say the organizers, “we’ll be aiming to show that... Read more
Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week

Blog 5 April 2016 0

Now in its third year of life, the latest edition of Restaurant Week promises to be the biggest so far with nine Polish cities taking part, and 61 Warsaw restaurants confirmed at press time. For those unfamiliar with the event, the premise is straightforward: for the duration of the... Read more
Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes

Blog 6 October 2015 0

It’s not even a week old, but October is already shaping up to be a month to remember for the F&B world. Bad news first, and it doesn’t get much worse than the shock news that Kitchen have called it a day after two and a half years. Originally... Read more