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Back to school
‘Back to school’ in Poland is not quite it says on the tin. Yes the kids go back on September 1st, but two hours later, after a short meet-and-greet with their new teacher, there they are again at the mall with a lengthy shopping list of school supplies needed... Read more
Learn Polish in 20 Years!
It’s certainly not easy, but, like any European language, Polish can be learned. But how? Why is it said to be so difficult? And is it worth learning? When I arrived in Warsaw, English seemed to me a brutish tongue, spoken with grim determination by Poles as if it... Read more
Maple Tree Montessori
Maple Tree Montessori is a family-run international preschool that offers an authentic Montessori curriculum supported by an Orff/Kodály-based music syllabus. Find them located in the Wilanów district of Warsaw, in a house safely nestled into the end of a quiet street. Their program, which is designed for three to... Read more
Colourstrings Music School (Barwy Muzyki)
When mum has a mission you can pretty much guarantee she’ll see it through. This is exactly what Olga Trzebińska has done with her ambitious Colourstrings music school. Poland prides itself on having schools dedicated to musical excellence, but only the most disciplined of students will make it through... Read more

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