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Warsaw Divided… By Giant Pink Dogs!
Debuting in Ochota, three pink dogs have left the city ruffled… The last few days have seen a trio of pink dogs named POOPilek unveiled across the Ochota district. Designed by the artist Olga Prokop-Miśniakiewicz, the installations were created with a dual purpose in mind – to beautify the... Read more
Sculpture Garden: Juan Soriano
  Discover the astonishing sculptures of Juan Soriano in the rambling gardens of a rural estate…   Could you call it Warsaw’s best kept secret? Certainly not, but that’s only because to reach it you’ll need to exit the city limits and head instead to the tiny village of... Read more
Abakanowicz In Warsaw

Abakanowicz In Warsaw

Features 9 September 2020 0

Christened Zinaxin and Dolacin, the sculptures were revealed during a ceremony held on Sunday and are counted as among the artist’s most iconic works. Depicting two huge, featureless figures striding forth into the distance, the bronze sculptures were originally produced in 2005 and are intended to raise questions relating... Read more
Bródno: A Walk Of Art

Bródno: A Walk Of Art

Features 7 September 2017 0

Perhaps Warsaw’s greatest talent lies in its ability to surprise: just when you think you know the city inside out, bang, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you bamboozled. Certainly, that’s the common reaction upon discovering the Bródno Sculpture Park. Set in the darkest depths... Read more
Gallery of Steel Figures
If you’re anything like me, then the only thing you’ll know about Pruszków is its long-gone reputation as a mafia stronghold. Now, though, a new gallery is getting the town noticed for entirely more positive reasons… Allegedly inspired by Madama Tussauds, the gallery is the work of local artist... Read more
Oh Sylwia

Oh Sylwia

Blog 25 November 2015 0

I’ll tell you what I live about this city. You think you know the place inside out and then, bang, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you bamboozled. That happened to me in Bródno the other week. I mean no offence to the people that... Read more