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PLN 1.2 Billion For History Museum!
Having soared nearly PLN 500 million over its originally predicted budget of PLN 750 million, the EU has approved a direct grant of PLN 1.2 billion to cover the design and construction of the Museum of Polish History. Announcing the move on Tuesday, an EU statement also revealed the... Read more
For The Weekend: Galaxy Playground
Open until April 29th, the Galaxy Playground does more than simply showcase products from Samsung’s portfolio. Free to visit, it’s already earned much publicity since its February launch, attracting as it has an army of influencers and social media personalities. Why? Because of the endless opportunities it presents to... Read more
Monuments of Warsaw: Chopin
Born on this day in 1810, March 1st marks what would have been Fryderyk Chopin’s 213th birthday – in tribute, join us for a look at the iconic monument dedicated to the composer. First unveiled on November 14th, 1926, the Chopin monument had been years in the planning –... Read more
Local Landmarks: Copernicus Statue
Looking pensive and wise, Warsaw’s Nicolas Copernicus monument is certainly up there as one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Honoring the first academic to suggest that the world traveled around the sun, and not vice versa, the statue was eight-years in the making, with the design first coined by... Read more
Art: Nordic Style @ National Museum
Featuring artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland, over 100 works of art have been gathered by the National Museum of Art in Warsaw. The title of the exhibition references not just the summer solstice, but also the ‘solstice’ that occurred in Nordic painting at the turn of... Read more
Exhibition: Love & Duty. The January Uprising
The Royal Castle’s latest exhibition takes a deeper look at the January Uprising… The January Uprising was the largest and longest-lasting independence insurrection during the period of partitions. This uprising against the Russian invaders united Poles, Lithuanians, Belarussians, and Ukrainians, forever left its mark and became an inspiration for... Read more
Hit Or Miss? New Museum Sparks Debate
With its scaffolding removed, and the building now assuming its final form, the future seat of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw has faced a wave of criticism after its exterior was revealed after months under wraps. “I never thought I would miss the sight of the Palace... Read more
Warsaw Museums Celebrate Visitor Boom
Bouncing back after two years of on-off lockdowns, Warsaw’s museums are looking to the future after announcing record-breaking attendance figures for the year just gone. Of the more high-profile venues, the National Museum in Warsaw posted annual visitor figures of 470,831 to its main exhibition space, a considerable leap... Read more
Happy Birthday… Old Town!
“I have seen many cities destroyed, but nowhere have I been faced with such destruction.” So said a stunner General Eisenhower whilst touring the ruins of Warsaw at the end of the war. Even be their own horrifying benchmarks, the Nazis had done a sickeningly proficient job of flattening... Read more
Historic Łazienki Stables To Reopen!
Built between 1825 and 1826, they were constructed to a horseshoe-shaped design authored by Jakub Kubicki, an architect that began his career during the reign of King Stanisław August. Accommodating 48 horses and eight horse-drawn carriages, the building survived WWII without much damage and will now house an exhibition... Read more