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Beginner’s Warsaw: Sights
The Fab Four Poland has embraced a new way of viewing the past. Rated as amongst the most technologically advanced in Europe, the museums dedicated to the Warsaw Rising, Chopin and the History of Polish Jews deservedly sit at the top of any itinerary. Back to the future, and... Read more
Weekend Break: Reszel

Weekend Break: Reszel

Blog 16 August 2015 0

It’s hard not to feel thrilled arriving in Reszel – hidden deep in the thick of Poland’s lake district, this spooky red brick castle comes balanced on a rocky outcrop, looming menacingly over the pocket-sized old town. Scrambling up a steep cobbled drive, cars sputter through a medieval gateway,... Read more
Traces of the Uprising
No single event in Poland’s history comes close to matching the tragedy, heroism and ultimate futility of the Warsaw Uprising. With the anniversary falling on August 1, the Insider traces the ghosts of the past.  BY ALEX WEBBER Turned, in the words of Norman Davies, into a “lawless laboratory... Read more
Past, Present, Future…
Warsaw’s sensational Polin Museum has already made an international impact since opening in October. The Insider finds out more about its story… (Text: Paula Rewald | Photos: Ed Wight) Stunning, transformative, enlightening, entertaining – Polin, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which formally opened its permanent exhibition in... Read more