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Deseo Burakowska
Luxury desserts, pralines and tarts served inside an ivy clad building in a leafy post-industrial complex off Burakowska. The contemporary style is reflected by an interior that’s modern, pared down and richly bathed in sloping sunlight. Though it’s the gleaming confections that generally earn the plaudits, the sorbets are... Read more
Lick Bait – Warsaw’s Top Ice Cream
Looking to make money this June? Then open an ice cream stand. The natives can’t get enough, and if any proof was needed then let the queues in Old Town speak for themselves. Yet while the historic center exemplifies the Polish love affair with ice cream, it’s also miles... Read more
Ice Cream: The Full Scoop!
Budka z Lodami This innocuous wooden cabin has become a summer staple for Sunday Saska strollers. Natural ingredients and creative flavor combinations have installed it as a legend, and explain why choice diminishes come the end of the day. Francuska 30 Fabryka Lodów Tradycjnych Ice cream season is on... Read more