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The Muranów Street Food Revolution!
Forming an inverted L-shape, the area around Nowolipki and Jana Pawła has become something of a mecca of authentic street food tastes… Achi Achi Jana Pawła 41A This lively little joint gives Japanese food a new spin with its presentation of on-the-run fried foods served in various combinations. Topped... Read more
In Focus: Elektrownia’s Foodie Heroes
Philly’s Finest As street food pleasures go, is there little finer than biting into the true taste of Philadelphia: the legendary cheesesteak. As the face behind Poland’s first dedicated cheesesteak stop, Alan Bohinski speaks about the glory of this delicacy… WI: What’s the MAGIC of the Philly Cheesesteak! AB:... Read more
Nocny Market: Chapter VI
For the best surprise of what’s been a stinker of a year, see the reopening of Nocny Market: months after Warsaw bade a tearful final farewell to this nocturnal institution, along came the news that, well, they hadn’t died… again. For newbies, then the story is as follows: debuting... Read more
Nocny Market: Back From The Brink!
For the best surprise of what’s been a bit of a rotten summer, see the reopening of Nocny Market: months after Warsaw bade a tearful final farewell to this nocturnal institution, along came the news that, well, they hadn’t died yet. For newbies, then the story is thus: debuting... Read more
The Fab Five: Back In Biz!
Talk about rotten luck – as unfortunate as the lockdown was for Warsaw’s more established hangouts, it came as even tougher news for the newbies yet to truly establish themselves. Now reopened, we present a fab five that were just gaining traction before you-know-what happened. Let the summer belong... Read more
Review: Zkurczybyk
On A Wing & A Prayer As if delivered from the heavens, the wingmen of Warsaw have a new house of worship… Described by The Guardian as “God’s greatest gift to the planet”, the Buffalo wing (so named after the city, not the horned beast), has finally flapped its... Read more
Many Happy Returns: Lunapark Is Back!
The countdown has begun! As of tomorrow, last year’s sensation of the summer will unlock its doors to welcome its first guests of the season at five on the dot. What Is It? Put simply, think of Lunapark asthe most imaginative F&B concept that Warsaw’s ever seen. Set in... Read more
Foodie Rollins

Foodie Rollins

Restaurants 27 February 2020 0

A jillion times cheaper than The Farm next door, Foodie Rollins has opened to give the street another timely lift. And boy, we just love it. Decorated with comic art doodles, head up the stairs to order from the kind of tattooed Viking you know you can trust to... Read more
Notes: Foodie Rollins

Notes: Foodie Rollins

Blog 24 February 2020 0

The lesser-known bit of Mokotowska is finally having its moment: first The Farm opened, then Foodie Rollins. And crikey, don’t we just love it. Tricked out with comic art doodles, dangling chains and midnight colors it’s a place born for casual meet-ups and messy lunches – aware of that,... Read more


Restaurants 16 February 2020 0

After a brief lull in action, the crossroads on the corner of Wilcza and Poznańska is back on the front end of cool after a sprinkling of launches have lent it new gusto. And for the best of the bunch, look no further than Zkurczybyk: suitably tricked out for... Read more