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Falafel Bejrut

Falafel Bejrut

Restaurants 14 January 2016 0

It just gets better and better for Falafel Bejrut. Originating as a humble food cart stationed outside Hala Mirowska, FB have grown to become a Warsaw legend. Light, bright and buzzing with custom, this cheerful venture has a small scattering of seating and an expanded menu whose talking point is... Read more
Warsaw Hot Dog Factory
There’s a general feeling that, maybe, 2016 will be The Year of the Hot Dog. With Warsaw still flirting with glammed-up street food, Hot Dog Factory could yet be onto something – find upmarket versions of the dawg served using artisan buns and proper pork meat: not, we’re told,... Read more
Warsaw Hot Dog & Burger Bar
A small hole-in-the-wall that originally started life as Meat Inn: after a few weeks they’ve dropped the name and halved the menu to deal with burgers, hot dogs and fries alone – but we’re not complaining. Maintaining high standards, the food is the ideal way to draw the line... Read more
What The Truck!

What The Truck!

Blog 12 July 2015 0

The wheels keep turning on Warsaw’s foodie revolution – literally. Two years since the first food trucks rolled out onto the streets the capital’s appetite for meals on wheels shows no sign of slowing. That much becomes apparent at Żarcie Na Kółkach, possibly the most high profile of all... Read more

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