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Review: Flaming Bistro
Back Story Something of a modernist pearl, the Łepkowskich Villa was completed in 1935 according to a swish design coined by Lucjan Korngold and Piotr Maria Lubiński. Commissioning it was Józef Łepkowski, a car dealer specializing in the import of American automobiles such as the Chevrolet. Commandeered by Polish... Read more
Designer Outlet Warszawa: Hot For Summer
After the isolation of the pale winter months, this summer promises to be a party to remember – and as we accustom ourselves to the forgotten concept of socially connecting, it’s to the city’s terraces, gardens and riverbank we’ll head. But climbing out of hibernation to drink bubbles is... Read more
Talk Of The Terraces: Best Summer Gardens
Talk Of The Terraces With the mercury rising, the Insider tracks down its top secret gardens and restaurant terraces… Ale Wino ul. Mokotowska 48 At first you think you’re walking into a car park. And then, it hits you – a beautiful inner-city sanctum with wooden decking, a slanted... Read more
Warsaw’s Top Ice Cream
You Melt My Heart! What did the Insider do this summer? We ate every ice cream that Warsaw had to offer. From a choice running into the zillions, the following are the ones that had it licked… Frank Warszawa ul. Polna 18/20 Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with... Read more
Eating Out: The Best Of Lunapark!
The Battle Of The Heavyweights! Two of Poland’s top names find themselves going head-to-head in the wacky world of Lunapark… Where Lunapark – as in, you know, the place that everyone is talking about. Created by the same crew behind the Nocny Market, this open air extravaganza is a... Read more
Review: Lunapark
Lazy days and crazy nights at the biggest hit of the summer so far… What Is It? Put simply, the most imaginative F&B concept that Warsaw’s ever seen. Set in an abandoned outdoor leisure complex running to the flank of a busy highway, dip down a concrete stairwell to... Read more
Wisła By Day

Wisła By Day

Features 17 July 2018 0

Across Europe, the world even, cities are reclaiming their rivers, thrusting them to the fore to act as their calling card and sign-off. Slow off the blocks, Warsaw too has joined the fray. But where once you would have had the impression of a city playing catch-up, today the... Read more
Wisła By Night

Wisła By Night

Features 7 July 2018 0

With Warsaw’s night owls making their seasonal migration to the Wisła, the Insider plunges headfirst into the waters of debauchery… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Disregarding the fact that it read suspiciously like a listicle generated through a quick bit of internet research, when The Guardian... Read more
Green Scene

Green Scene

Partner news 12 May 2017 0

For the second year running Grunt i Woda will be opening on the banks of the Wisła. Relaunching on May 13th, we’ve incorporated several changes to be even greener and environmentally aware than last year! We’ll also be introducing a BBQ each Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.... Read more
Countdown to Chopin
First organized in 1959, the Sunday piano concerts that occur under the shadow of the Chopin monument in Łazienki Park have become one of the city’s proud calling cards. Listen to musicians both established and upcoming recite works from Chopin’s oeuvre in a pristine setting that the composer himself... Read more