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Notes: Kufle I Kapsle Powiśle
Opened mid-July, Kufle’s latest venture is a throwback to the time when Powiśle was indy and upcoming and on the frontline of hip. Doing it in a way that feels shabby, gritty but yet totally cool, this is a bar that riffs on themes of industrial and retro to... Read more
Craft Beer Muranów
Though still an area thick with beret-wearing, dachsund-walking oldies, Muranów is fast catching up with the rest of Warsaw. Taking care of the craft beer angle is this newbie, a bi-level bar with warm tones and 16 taps of beery goodness. Craft Beer Muranów ul. Andersa 23, facebook Read more
Drugie Dno

Drugie Dno

BlogReviews 26 February 2017 1

To plug into the pounding heart of Warsaw’s craft beer scene, look no further than Nowogrodzka. Joining the ranks of the street’s multi-tap bars is Drugie Dno, a three-level space that’s been themed to evoke the look of a disused power station. Sporting rugged brickwork and a scuffed style,... Read more


Going Out 2 July 2015 0

It started as a café, but now Cześć is better known as being at the forefront of the new generation of ‘quali-tap’ bars – small little places with six or so new wave beers on tap. The two owners, Piot and Kuba, take their beer seriously, so do expect... Read more

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