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Out Of The Blue
A technology firm based outside of Warsaw has seen its latest project go viral after their work was picked up on by digital platforms such as Reddit, Bored Panda and the Daily Mail Online. Designed by TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych, their 100-meter long solar powered bike lane, unveiled close... Read more
Blast to the Past
Extraordinary in its eccentricity, the Museum of Technology is something of a misnomer. Surely it should be the Museum of Anomalies? After all, where else would you find such diverse attractions as communist Poland’s first sports car, the Syrena Sport (“It was banned by the government,” laments our guide,... Read more


Shopping 12 May 2014 0

When you live in a place long enough, you acquire a lot of second hand knowledge about the best this and the best that: dentist, shoe repair, tailor, etc. To that list I’m now also adding MacLife, which if it isn’t a lifesaver is certainly a hard drive saver.... Read more