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Fountain Returns
Over 35,000 attended yesterday’s official inauguration of the new ‘fountain season’. Reactivated after the annual winter break, the Multimedia Fountain Park between the Old Town and river has thrilled millions since launching seven years ago. Equipped with 367 jets capable of firing 30,000 liters of water per minute, the... Read more
Elements Of Warsaw: Fire
No pyro, no party! A public manifestation around these parts just isn’t the same without an arsenal of flares being let off in the air. Whether it’s at an anti-government parade, or an Independence Day rally, the locals don’t need any prompting to reach for the flares. No-one, however,... Read more
Garden Of Light

Garden Of Light

Insider News 3 November 2016 0

With months of vile weather lying straight ahead, brighten up the Autumn and visit Wilanów’s Royal Garden of Light. Opened at the end of October, it’s illuminated by over 150,000 colored diodes, with this dreamlike installation riffing on surreal themes that leave everyone enchanted… Wilanów Palace Gardens ul. Stanislawa... Read more