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Animal Passion. Going on Safari in Warsaw
It’s not just smug nobility and writers you’ve never heard that get commemorated in stone. The city’s soft spot for animals has taken solid shape by way of numerous statues, memorials and wacky installations – with summer in full swing, take yourself on a safari with a twist…  ILLUSTRATION... Read more
Night of Museums 2016
Celebrating its thirteenth year, the annual Night of Museums has grown from a piddling acorn into a strapping oak. Over 250 museums in Warsaw,open their door during the annual Night of Museums 2016. by Alex WEBBER & Małgosia KRAKOWSKA  From humble beginnings, when 11 museums attracted 16,000 guests, the... Read more
What Lies Beneath. Palace of Culture uncovers its truths.
Warsaw Insider explores the depths and nether regions of the Palace of Culture to uncover its truths and slay some myths… By Alex WEBBER | Photographs by Kevin DEMARIA Ask any foreigner about their first day in Warsaw and likely reminisces are prone to include that first stupefied sighting of... Read more
Europe’s Top Museum!

Europe’s Top Museum!

Blog 12 April 2016 0

The Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews saw their considerable efforts bear fruit this weekend when they were awarded the top prize at the European Museum of the Year awards. Held on Saturday in San Sebastian, the Warsaw-based museum beat off competition from a shortlist of 49... Read more
Emilia’s Song
With developers circling vulture-like around Warsaw’s post-war modernist buildings, time is running out for one of its stars: Emilia… By Alex Webber | Photographs by Ed Wight Out with the old and in with the new: the radical reshaping of Warsaw has seen swathes of the city ripped down and... Read more
Boutique Unique

Boutique Unique

Features 2 March 2016 0

Weary of the drudge and anonymity of the chain brands? Warsaw has seen a surge in boutique accommodation aimed at the more discerning traveler… Autor Rooms Centered around a hip communal living space that’s bathed in light, find four rooms touting custom-made furnishings and art from Poland’s top designers.... Read more
Past, Present, Future…
Warsaw’s sensational Polin Museum has already made an international impact since opening in October. The Insider finds out more about its story… (Text: Paula Rewald | Photos: Ed Wight) Stunning, transformative, enlightening, entertaining – Polin, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which formally opened its permanent exhibition in... Read more