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Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie
Bursting with flowers and rural touches, entering Gospoda isn’t unlike clambering inside an old granny’s attic. Cheerful in look and style, the rustic energy extends to enthusiastic portions of Polish classics. Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie ul. Wąski Dunaj 4/6/8, Read more
Restauracja Polska “Różana”
The rarified atmosphere of Różana is a pleasure indeed. Close to the frontline of Mokotów / Śródmieście, you’d never guess the proximity of the center. Seated in their garden, one feels removed from the city – a fountain burbles quietly in the background, starlings hop around the trees. From... Read more


Restaurants 17 June 2015 0

Seven Warsaw locales, with our favorite found in the vaulted passages of Świętojańska. The menu is highly traditional, with courses ‘cooked to grandma’s recipes’. It’s for the pierogi though for which they’re famous; find traveling startups approx. fifty types delivered by servers dressed like saucy country maids. Zapiecek Locations... Read more