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Insider News 30 March 2017 0

A major overhaul of Zachodnia (Warsaw West) railway station has been announced, with Glebowski Studio and Idom taking the lead on a two-year revamp that will kick-off in 2019. The plans foresee the eight-meter wide underpass expanded to 50-meters, a subterranean plaza, an underground tram tunnel and a general... Read more
Dworzec Zachodni-New!

Dworzec Zachodni-New!

Blog 11 December 2015 0

Admission: I’d filed the reboot of Zachodnia Station under things I’d never see in my lifetime. But here it is, glinting gloriously having been opened this week. Seen as a shark-nosed glass structure rising from the ground, the 1,300 sq/m scheme marks the first stage of a project that... Read more
Full Steam Ahead!
Synonymous with trains, the Insider discovers the steamy side to Wolsztyn… The steam engine belches steam and coal dust. Big, clunking wheels grate on metal rails as we hurtle towards our top speed of 90 km/hr. Every ten minutes the engineer, Marek, bends forward and holds an ear towards... Read more
On the Rails – Warsaw’s Railway Museum
As the Night of Museums approaches, we uncover some of Warsaw’s lesser known cultural treasures… To some, trains are just a convenient way of getting from A to B. To others, they are the source of an obsession regarded by others as a deviant predilection. But the Railway Museum... Read more
Going Underground
It’s taken a rail-y long time getting here, but Warsaw’s second metro line is finally pulling into the station – and it’s only about 100 years late. This issue, the Insider takes a deeper look at the metro’s checkered history, its spooky sightings and its alluring sex appeal. It... Read more