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Posters From The Edge
Created for the Poster Polytechnic, the work of graphic artist Katarzyna Nowakowska found itself going viral after being seized upon by both foreign and domestic media. Aiming to express the natural beauty of Poland, the series depicts eight distinct regions with Nowakowska describing her work as “minimalist and delicate... Read more
Step Inside: Nobu Opens Its Doors!
The waiting is over! With its opening originally pushed back due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus, the Nobu Warsaw Hotel finally opened its doors to receive guests yesterday. Joining two distinct sections – one a hyper-modern, black, V-shaped structure, and the other the pristine white tenement that... Read more
Weekend Break: Korzkiew

Weekend Break: Korzkiew

Blog 29 November 2019 0

Ravishing as Kraków is, doesn’t it make a pleasant change to escape the pissed-up stags and earnest novelists in-the-making. And this, you can easily do for just fifteen kilometers north stands Zamek Korzkiew. Forming part of the Eagle’s Nest trail of medieval castles, this 14th century fortification caps a... Read more
Autumn Breaks: Top Five
Fall In Love With Autumn Five escapes with the season in mind… Wine, fireplace, books: check, check and checkity check! Just 45-minutes from the capital, the Bookworm Cabin promises something unique – a woodsy, rural retreat custom-built with avid readers in mind. A pocket-sized off-grid escape, features number an... Read more
Gdynia-Tel Aviv: POLIN’s Stunning Exhibition
Three-thousand miles apart, yet bonded by several underlying similarities, a new exhibition at the POLIN museum seeks to explore the entwining commonalities between Gdynia and Tel Aviv. Rippling blue seas, pristine white buildings, stretching sands and clear, sunny skies. This is the Gdynia and Tel Aviv that the exhibition... Read more
Travel: Jaczno

Travel: Jaczno

Features 27 November 2018 0

Getting There Jaczno sits approximately 315 kilometers south east of Warsaw, with drive time taking a little less than 4 hours. Reaching it without your own ride is a challenge but not impossible. The nearest town of note is Suwałki: a couple of trains make the journey daily in... Read more
Travel: Osowa Sień

Travel: Osowa Sień

Features 5 November 2018 0

Resonating with positive energy, Pałac Osowa Sień promises a break to remember… BY ALEX WEBBER / PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Bats, ghosts and a cobwebbed dungeon: my standard expectations of a castle hotel. Osowa Sień has none of these, and the closest I come to a fright is hearing... Read more
Travel: The Lake Escape
A watery staycation doesn’t have to mean following the herd to the Baltic. This summer, chill down and dip in at one of Poland’s lake retreats… BY ALEX WEBBER Glendoria You’ve heard of glamping, right? Fusing the raw experience of camping with glam creature comforts, it’s an accessible way... Read more
Travel: Kraków

Travel: Kraków

Features 10 July 2018 0

Poland’s biggest tourist trap? Certainly! But there’s a reason Kraków’s cobbled streets sink each summer under the collective weight of the visiting planet. A city of bewitching beauty and intriguing history, few places on earth possess the same magic potion that makes Kraków so special… BY ALEX WEBBER |... Read more
Travel: Spring Spa Recharge
For Lux Recharge Masuria Arte Looking perfect and pristine in its white-on-white colors, there’s a purity to Arte that realigns the soul. The regionally accented accommodation is swank but engaging with earthy, little touches that add a ‘sense of place’. Hemmed in by billiard green lawns and rippling lakes,... Read more