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Traces of the Uprising
No single event in Poland’s history comes close to matching the tragedy, heroism and ultimate futility of the Warsaw Uprising. With the anniversary falling on August 1, the Insider traces the ghosts of the past.  BY ALEX WEBBER Turned, in the words of Norman Davies, into a “lawless laboratory... Read more
Rising Memories

Rising Memories

Features 10 August 2015 0

Much ink has been spilled where the Warsaw Uprising is concerned, and to this day debate rages as to the rationale behind it. The Insider listens to two people who lived – and fought – through it. By  Iza Depczyk Having suffered five years of brutal Nazi occupation, and with... Read more
Foreigners on the Battlefield
With August 1st marking the anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, we take a deeper look at the role foreigners played in the insurgency… By Stuart Dowell, Illustration Michał Miszkurka Although often thought of as a straight battle between the Poles and the Germans, there were in fact a... Read more