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Hala Gwardii

Hala Gwardii

Restaurants 11 October 2017 0

Taking its cue from the market places of Lisbon and Marseilles, Hala Gwardii aims to reprise its former pre-war role as the city’s best-known food market. To do so, CBR Events – the building’s operator – have recruited the great (and even greater) of Warsaw’s gastro scene: set around... Read more
Nocny Market Returns!
Back after a well deserved winter snooze, the award-winning Nocny Market returns this weekend looking to capitalize further on its success last year. Set on the platform of a disintegrating train station, the smash hit of summer 2016 achieved the impossible in diverting people away from the permissive pleasures... Read more
Play The Market
I’m definitely not a morning person, especially on Saturday’s, so the thing I like about Targ Śniadaniowy is that it’s much more than the breakfast market it modestly bills itself as. This magical open air spot is a bit of everything: a food market, a picnic, even a place to get... Read more