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Bar Stołeczny

Bar Stołeczny

Restaurants 24 September 2017 0

So far we’ve seen Warsaw’s vegan scene embrace Mexican cuisine, Italian, Japanese, Thai and lord knows what else. Stołeczny’s kitchen chooses to keep things closer to home, instead sourcing inspiration from the milk bars of yore. It’s a simple selection of pancakes and pierogi here, but one that’s also... Read more
Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Well-established in Kraków, Youmiko enter Warsaw’s vegan sushi market hot on the heels of Edamame nearby. There’s definitely more of a hipster, ‘urban guerrilla’ feel to Youmiko, but the sushi is every bit a success. Often better than ‘the real thing’. Youmiko Vegan Sushi ul. Hoża 62 Read more
Leonardo Verde
Warsaw’s status as Central Europe’s vegetarian capital is reflected by the depth and diversity of its restaurant offer. No longer viewed as ‘cheap student food’, a number of venues have carried the vegetarian cause forward, demonstrating it sheer versatility. One such place is Leonardo Verde, a startlingly beautiful hangout... Read more
Lola Dela Krem
From the owners of the much lauded Lokal Vegan Bistro comes the altogether sweeter Dela Krem. Specializing in vegan cakes and assorted pastries and desserts, it’s already well on the way to becoming the cult hit of summer. Using fructose and / or xylitol in place of sugar, this... Read more
Wars i Sawa w Nowym
With its wide spaces, high ceilings and echoing sense of clatter, there’s something of a canteen spirit to Wars i Sawa. Occupying a chunk of the Nowy Teatr, it gets particularly busy after performances – and rightly so. Fresh, seasonal and well-presented, the food here is vegan, healthy and... Read more
Spirit of Tel Aviv
Seven years after opening on what was – at the time – a decrepit-looking side street, the news that Tel Aviv have been awarded a V-Label has been seen as further confirmation of all the good that they have done. Originally launched as a casual bistro, Tel Aviv have... Read more
Bistro Kaskrut by Lili Filipiak
***CLOSED*** When they first opened in 2013, Kaksrut were seen as pioneers – some even viewed them as the budget version of Atelier Amaro. This was all thanks to fancypants food at everyman prices. Costs have inched their way up slightly, but no-one’s complaining. Innovative as ever, a summer... Read more


Restaurants 10 May 2017 0

Dżungla presents two Warsaw trends and unites them under one roof: craft beer and vegan food. They might sound like they make for odd bedfellows, but there’s nothing wrong with the results. Despite the panda motif and Asian-style wood-clad interior, the menu’s focus is wider than imagined and includes... Read more


Restaurants 19 April 2017 0

Inspired by the tastes of Asia, Wegemama gives vegan cooking a zippy twist with their spin on such classics as laksa soup and pad Thai. Overseen by Piotr and Grzegorz, two chefs with a proven history in vegan cooking, the kitchen has so far operated at full capacity to... Read more
Notes: Youmiko

Notes: Youmiko

Blog 9 March 2017 0

When Youmiko opened their Warsaw op in February, 2016, it was to widespread acclaim. Everyone – no exception – loved it. Thing is, this is Warsaw: it doesn’t take long for restaurants to get comfortable and sit on their laurels. But it’s not what you do in the first... Read more