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Best places for buying vinyl, CD’s and VHS
The Warsaw Insider has been visiting several exciting places in the search for the best places for buying vinyl, CD’s and VHS in Warsaw. Antykwariat Na Tamce Tamka 45B, Specializing in rarities and unknown gems, the shop’s layout has changed to carry even more records than before. Listening... Read more
Review: Asfalt
For The Record The combination of vinyl and coffee ain’t nothing new, but at Asfalt you feel that the very heart of the concept has been completely remastered. Helping that is a choice of tunes that’s nothing if not alternative: reggae, dub, hip hop, funk, soul and a little... Read more
Antykwariat Grochowski
There’s several zillion spots in Warsaw where you can horde up on vintage material, but not all that many in which you can lose yourself for weeks. Nuking the competition into touch, Antykwariat Grochowski presents itself as a labyrinthine space in which over 130,000 books creak on shelves that... Read more
Hałas Vinyl + Coffee
At 15 sq/m it’s a squeeze but Hałas doesn’t half pack a punch within its small footprint. Doubling as a record store, it’s the kind of place where hip punters stock up on Winehouse and Bjork while ordering up coffee ordered from roasters such as London’s Dark Arts roastery.... Read more