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Murals of Praga

Murals of Praga

Features 31 May 2023 0

Seen as the birthplace of Warsaw street art, join us for a summertime safari of our favourite murals in Praga… and beyond! Bird & Snake by DALeast (2014) Bliska 23 Painted in a day, this image is composed of several thousand tangled strands with the brittle-looking wires merging to... Read more
Mural Guide: Bielany
Though still lagging far behind the likes of Ursynów and Praga, the western district of Bielany is now discovering a liking for wall art… Unveiled in mid-April, Bielany’s latest mural honours Anna Jantar and Jarosław Kukulski, a pair of artists that resided in an apartment on Reymonta 21. Unveiled... Read more
New Mural Strikes Bielany!
Found on Żeromskiego 44/50, the mural has allowed the two stars to once again be neighbors. Living on ul. Płatnicza – the same street as the songstress Kora – both became cultural icons. In the case of Sienkiewicz, the popular actress was famed for appearing in such as films... Read more
New Kora Mural Hits Bielany
Following a concept authored by Tomasz Majewski, the project was executed by Good Looking Studio, a Warsaw-based art collective specializing in large format wall art. Set to be joined by 320 rose bushes that will be planted underneath, the mural will be symbolically unveiled on June 8th. Born Olga... Read more
Praga Mural Thrills Public
Known for his surreal, dreamy depictions of urban landscapes, Brzozowski’s portfolio is not short of fantastical magic. But while it is his watercolors that first sent his work viral, the artist has increasingly found his glorious pictures given the supersize me treatment. As such, the last few years have... Read more
Backs Against The Wall
How has the pandemic effected your operations? KS: Let’s face it, almost the whole world has come to a stop so it’s not looking too colorful. From the ten projects we had planned for April, we executed two. On the plus side, we were always careful to build a... Read more
Word From The Streets
Weeks after going viral having decorated a wall on Tamka with a mural dedicated to Poland’s health workers, Good Looking Studio are back at it again, cheering up Warsaw with messages of hope during the lockdown. Specializing in XXL wall art, the maverick agency have debuted four non-commercial murals... Read more
Not All Heroes Wear Capes!
A striking new mural has been unveiled on Tamka paying tribute to the unrelenting work of health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Complete with the slogan “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”, the mural, found on Tamka 37, features members of the public together with Superman looking on admiringly at... Read more