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Disaster For Tiger
The Tiger energy drink brand has found itself at the center of a ferocious PR storm after an advert published online backfired in style. The ad, depicting an obscene hand gesture, appeared on Instagram on August 1 – the anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising – along with a... Read more
Controversies of the Rising
Over seventy years on, the rights and wrongs of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising continue to be the source of fierce debate… BY STUART DOWELL They say that if you lock two Poles in a room for 24 hours you will get three opinions, not to mention several political parties,... Read more
Uprising Anniversary
The 73rd anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising will be commemorated by way of numerous services, exhibitions, lectures and screenings throughout the month. As ever, August 1 is set to be the most important day, with events including a ceremonial changing of the guard at noon in front of... Read more
Marking The Uprising’s End
Thousands of candles will illuminate the streets of Warsaw tonight in memory of the 72nd anniversary of the end of the Warsaw Uprising. Approximately 7,000 have been laid out by local scouting groups, with streets including Marszałkowska, Senatorska, Mazowiecka, Miodowa, Ujazdowskie, Szucha, Krakowskie Przedmieście and Zamenhofa. Rather than being... Read more
Uprising Remembered
by Małgorzata Krakowska On the 72nd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, the capital paid tribute to the soldiers and civilians who fell during the 1944 rebellion. The uprising struck at 5pm on August 1 and was led by the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa) against the German Nazis who... Read more