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Painting The Town
Reviving the art of hand-painted ads, Good Looking Studio have done much to transform the walls of Poland since launching in 2008. Co-founder Karol Szufladowicz talks about his work… WI: Wall murals cost way more than standard billboards, so why are advertisers falling over themselves to hire you guys?... Read more
Insider Secret

Insider Secret

Blog 25 March 2016 0

I’ve been in love with the work of Mirella Von Chrupek ever since accidentally bumping into the artist last year as she tended to her ‘gablotka’ on Marszałkowska 43. Had I not seen Mirella herself, resplendent in polka dots and candy floss pink, there’s a good chance I would never... Read more
The Rust is History
Thirty kilometers from Warsaw lies a graveyard with a difference: a weird world of disintegrating cars… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Where do cars go when they die? Well, there is no heaven for machines, but there is Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a sleepy little town southwest of Warsaw. It’s... Read more