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Aimed at the classic wine fan, a new initiative finds itself launched as a sign of the times. By Alex Webber | Photographs by Kevin Demaria An exclusive off-shoot of the popular chain, an ambitious new project that aims to showcase the world of fine wine to the... Read more
Summer Sippin’: 9 Newbies For Summer!
Flaming Bistro Francuska 2 With its perfect white colors, the glass-fronted oblong form of this pearl of interwar modernism has an elegant sophistication to it that’s delicious on the eye. But it becomes even more so out the back. It’s here you’ll find a garden that’s been in-filled with... Read more
The Friday Feeling: Śródmieście Południowe
The Big Buzz If ever a street was dying to be pedestrianized then it’s definitely Poznańska. In summer, find an international crowd of partying professionals spilling out of bars like Beirut and Kraken to give the area a real street party vibe. The recent addition of VHS, an 80s-themed... Read more
A French Revelation!
Vibe La Buvette sits like a hidden gem nestled on a charming street that radiates off Stara Ochota’s Pl. Narutowicza. Tree-lined and looking like a cloned version of a picturesque arrondissement of Paris, it’s a pleasure to sit on the terrace, a feeling more akin to a cruise up... Read more
Review: Koneser Grill
Where Am I? The heart of Praga, which, in today’s terms, means the historic Koneser vodka factory. One of the most striking urban renewal projects in recent memory has seen a 19th century industrial complex handed new life with a swank program of redevelopment that’s seen it revived as... Read more
Fort 8

Fort 8

Restaurants 19 December 2019 0

Warsaw’s penchant for reviving historical addresses and injecting them with bold food concepts shows no sign of abating: for latest proof, refer to Fort 8, a 19th century Tsarist barracks since reimagined as a complex housing workshops, stores and restaurants. Belonging to the latter group find, among others, Dziurka... Read more
Monsieur Leon
Found resting on the corner of a quiet residential street, Monsieur Leon is surely one of Mokotów’s best kept secrets. Here, simplicity is the name of the game, with a brief blackboard menu that involves cheese boards, salads and a hefty croque monsieur. With wine tipping down and conversation... Read more
Notes: Rozbrat 20

Notes: Rozbrat 20

Blog 27 April 2019 0

In the shape of Rozbrat 20, Warsaw has a gift that keeps on giving; truly, no matter how many trips you make, it’s just gets better with each visit. As a restaurant, it’s a model for all to follow: they’ve got the intuitive service; a modern design that’s easily... Read more
Kur & Wino

Kur & Wino

Restaurants 21 March 2019 0

It’s hard to fault a simple concept when it’s executed this well. In this case, that means rotisserie chickens and guinea fowl served on wooden trays with an array of homemade sauces that include sweet plum, spicy mango and Sriracha. Amiable service, a funky / retro design (old LPs,... Read more


Restaurants 28 December 2018 0

It’s small, in fact, some richer readers probably have shoe cupboards that are bigger. But there lies the charm. Buzzing with warmth, here an interior composed of pre-war floor tiles, exposed brickwork, and black and white images of Italian icons sets a casually good mood that’s sustained by the... Read more