Review: Lunapark
Lazy days and crazy nights at the biggest hit of the summer so far… What Is It? Put simply, the most imaginative F&B concept that Warsaw’s ever seen. Set in an abandoned outdoor leisure complex running to the flank of a busy highway, dip down a concrete stairwell to... Read more
Przystań Nowa Fala
Playing more than a bit part in the Wisła’s gentrification is Przystań, a sleek moored vessel with ample seating both inside and out. On the first level, order from a bar well-stocked with renegade beers, world wines and funky cocktails, before heading to the open upstairs deck to join... Read more
Party On!

Party On!

Insider News 27 April 2019 0

Weeks after details came to light over draconian plans to clamp down on the riverfront’s bars and clubs, a compromise appears to have been reached with City Hall. Originally, officials had stated only two clubs would be granted music licenses, and only then on the condition that sound would... Read more
The Party Is Pooped?
Locals are up in arms after news was leaked of a proposal to severely clamp down on the bars and clubs that have come to define Warsaw’s waterfront scene. In response to concerns about litter and noise pollution, City Hall are rumored to have laid out plans that will... Read more
Wisła By Day

Wisła By Day

Features 17 July 2018 0

Across Europe, the world even, cities are reclaiming their rivers, thrusting them to the fore to act as their calling card and sign-off. Slow off the blocks, Warsaw too has joined the fray. But where once you would have had the impression of a city playing catch-up, today the... Read more
Hiss Off: Snake Alert
Police have warned the public about an escaped snake thought to measure up to six-meters long. The news first broke last week after the skin of an Indian Python was discovered in the south west of Warsaw close to the Wisła River. Originally, skeptics had declared the whole charade... Read more
Zachodni Brzeg

Zachodni Brzeg

Going Out 9 July 2018 0

Set on the ground floor of The Tides development, Zachodni Brzeg have won no shortage of admirers for their spin on modern Israeli-Middle Eastern cuisine. But with summer in full swing, the food angle has taken a back seat in the minds of many with Brzeg’s location doing much... Read more
Wisła By Night

Wisła By Night

Features 7 July 2018 0

With Warsaw’s night owls making their seasonal migration to the Wisła, the Insider plunges headfirst into the waters of debauchery… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Disregarding the fact that it read suspiciously like a listicle generated through a quick bit of internet research, when The Guardian... Read more
Barka Wynurzenie
Back to the riverside we go! With the Wisła already warming up for summer, all eyes are on Barka, one of the hands down hits of recent years. Accessed over a bouncy gangplank, this classic barge bar will, this year, be introducing Eastern street tastes to the waterfront with... Read more
River Drinking Laws
Nothing says summer more than heading down the riverside and seeing in the sunset with a beer in your hand. The moment the mercury climbs, a string of bars open along the Wisła turning the front into an amorphous, happy blur of drunken din. But with the riverbank often... Read more