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Hi, My Name’s Unit!
Delivered by Ghelamco, features of the 57,000 sq/m project include a shimmering ‘dragon skin’ installation embellishing the exterior. Comprised of thousands of kinetic elements that gently move with the wind, the effect is designed to demonstrate the force of nature whilst simultaneously reminding passersby as to “the soul of... Read more
The Next Big Thing!
Once known as Ulrich Gardens in honor of Jan Bogumił Ulrich (the 19th century gardener that took care of Ogród Saski), it was here that he kept rows of greenhouses that grew exotica such as pineapples. Long overlooked, the area will now be revived thanks to a project conducted... Read more
Review: Mykonos
The Where… Once rundown and abandoned, Wola’s eastern rump is set to become a poster child for regeneration thanks, largely, to the Browary Warszawskie project. Covering the area that once housed the 19th century Haberbusch & Schiele brewery, the plot as been subject to rigorous work over the past... Read more
Selfie Time!

Selfie Time!

Features 13 August 2020 0

Occupying 500 square meters of the Kolmex office building, head here (selfie stick: advisable) to prowl a network of rooms decked out with Instagramable decoys and diversions that range from the anticipated angel wings and inflatable swans to the downright bizarre: an upside down bedroom; a menacing giant Lego... Read more
Supersize Me: Warsaw’s Top Murals
A mirror of the capital’s own creativity, the once sad walls of Warsaw have been used to channel its artistic spirit through the medium of large format murals. From a crowded field, we pick our favorites from the past and the present… Kamien i Co by Wiktor Malinowski (2009)... Read more
Warsaw Uprising: 1944
August 1st marks the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a battle that would come to define the spirit and soul of the Polish capital… THE BACK STORY Viewed as a melting pot of decadence, a hotbed of dissent, a cradle of European Jewry and a symbol of Polish... Read more
Kawiarnia Kawałek

Kawiarnia Kawałek

Going Out 5 January 2019 0

It’s the size you first notice – tiny is Kawałek. More like entering a friend’s living room, think of it as living proof that it’s not just the big things in life that get noticed in Wola. In a district that’s in the process of supersizing itself as Warsaw’s... Read more
Museums Set For Revamp
Two of Warsaw’s biggest attractions are set to be revamped after announcing plans for tweaks and improvements. In the case of the capital’s Rising Museum, a new entrance and temporary exhibition space will be added by Nizio Design, the Praga-based firm credited with the museum’s original design. Even more... Read more
Notes: Shoku

Notes: Shoku

Blog 11 November 2018 0

Most places that claim to serve fusion do so because of an identity crisis. At Shoku, though, the mix and match approach when it comes to Asia (if it’s tasty, stick it on the menu!) feels rational and put together. Never short of custom, locals gather inside a bright,... Read more
The Regeneration Game
Conducting a headcount of new or emerging skyscrapers is one way to judge Warsaw’s progress. But on ground level, there’s just as much action occurring in the old pre-war factories that stud the town… Koneser Entered via a set of hyper spooky Neo Gothic gates, the exciting surrounding Praga’s... Read more

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