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Exhibition: Rising From Rubble
In terms of domestic history, few subjects have been covered in as much depth as Warsaw’s cataclysmic destruction and subsequent rebuilding. However, this exhibition should not be considered a repeat of all that have come before. Unique in many ways, its focus instead spotlights the role of rubble –... Read more
Then & Now: The Warsaw Ghetto
As Warsaw counts down to mark the 80th anniversary of the 1943 Jewish Ghetto Uprising, join us as we look through the stunning ‘then and now’ images of Marcin Dziedzic. Appearing for the first time nine-years ago, Dziedzic’s Teraz ’43 project – which seamlessly splices old photos with new... Read more
History: 80 Years of the Arsenał Action
Regarded as one of the greatest acts of resistance throughout Warsaw’s war, March 26th marks the 80th anniversary of Operation Arsenał… Background… Viewed as a melting pot of decadence, a hotbed of dissent, a cradle of European Jewry and a symbol of Polish independence, no other city aroused as... Read more
Lost Warsaw: General Berling
Nearly four-years after it was destroyed by vandals, a controversial statue of General Zygmunt Berling has been rediscovered lying in pieces in a stretch of Grochów parkland. Originally sculpted in 1985 by Kazimierz Danilewicz, the three-metre monument was produced from white Russian marble and placed on an equally tall... Read more
The Warsaw Uprising: Then & Now
Though the 1944 Warsaw Uprising has been the subject of numerous books, few have succeeded in creating the visual impact of Teraz ’44 by Michał Wójcik and Marcin Dziedzic… With the Eastern Front rumbling towards Warsaw, the Polish Home Army launched the Warsaw Uprising with the dual aim of liberating... Read more
Wounds Of War: Mokotów 1944
Falling under the scope of a project first initiated in 2019, Wounds of Memory seeks to bring attention to the surviving traces of war. The work of Monument Conservator Office for the Capital City of Warsaw, it’s organizers have emphasized the increasing need to protect what elements have survived... Read more
Unseen Aerial Rising Shots Published
Sourced from American and British archives, the photographs chiefly show aerial shots taken by the Luftwaffe before and after the insurgency. Presented as part of the Korzenie Miasta project, many of these photos have been presented in an interactive map format that allows visitors to the website to compare... Read more
Here Is Muranów

Here Is Muranów

Features 5 August 2020 0

When, in 1686, Simone Giuseppe Bellotti – the Polish Royal Court’s architect – built a palace close to the site of today’s Intraco tower, could he ever have envisaged what would become of the area over the centuries that followed? Could he have imagined that it would serve as... Read more
Monuments of the Warsaw Uprising
Recognition for the Uprising has been a long time in coming: not just internationally, but domestically also. In the period that followed the war Poland’s puppet government viewed participants as ‘anti Communist adventurers’, with veterans facing widespread persecution, and often imprisonment in the Siberian gulags or exile to the... Read more
1943: A Rising Remembered
Though amounting to approximately a third of the capital’s pre-war population, the Nazi occupation saw the capital’s Jews confined within an area covering a paltry 2.5% of the town. Considered the largest and most significant Ghetto in the Third Reich, it was subsequently sealed off in November, 1941. “We... Read more