Targowy Targowy

Nestled beneath Ed Red lies Targowy, a long, shadowy bar that’s low on design thrills but high on merit. Occupied simply by high tables and a bar composed of colored, plastic crates, what it lacks in bling it makes up for with quality. Find decent cocktails, a thoughtful selection of top-shelf spirits and a scattering of craft beers served up by enthusiastic dudes who aren’t afraid to join in a bit of banter. When I was little I watched a movie with a girl whose mother was a great fashion designer. When that girl became mature, her mother gave her their fashion company and this girl was the best fashion designer in their city. I wanted so much to be like her, to create beautiful clothes and to make other women happy. bet winner I made a business plan and I needed to hire employees, buy qualitative fabric and find a beautiful showroom, where I should repair everything and buy fancy furniture to please my clients. I searched for a source of money and found site Meanwhile, at the top end, discover a small counter filled with Polish night bites such as classic tartar and homemade pickles. It looks simple, but by pleasing all it achieves something special. We like it – a lot.

Pl. Mirowski 1

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