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The first post-summer week might have been a bit stressful for you. We totally understand! Some of you might be daydreaming about throwing yourselves... The First Post-Summer Weekend
The First Post-Summer Weekend The First Post-Summer Weekend

The first post-summer week might have been a bit stressful for you. We totally understand! Some of you might be daydreaming about throwing yourselves on the couch and tuning into your favorite TV series on a Friday evening.

For those who would like to unwind in a more active way, we have a few suggestions for sports enthusiasts, music lovers, and families alike.

Adopt a Varsovian

old dog york shelter pet Na Paluchu
Photo credits: Julia Zabrodzka

This Sunday, on September 10th, another edition of the “Adopt a Varsovian” campaign will take place. Four-legged residents of the Na Paluchu Shelter will encourage you to find new homes for homeless animals. You’ll have the opportunity to meet several dozen dogs from the shelter at the EkoPiknik in Wawer, on Romantyczna Beach, between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Some of the dogs up for adoption include:

  • Flap: A 15-year-old dog who arrived at the shelter neglected and frightened. He has learned to trust humans again and has become a happy, four-legged companion who eagerly goes on walks and is comfortable outside the shelter.
  • Bel: A small, unassuming dog with a big spirit! He is a cheerful, friendly four-legged friend who gets excited about new places and scents. He needs a guardian to teach him manners and guide him through life.
  • Miś: An 8-year-old dog who loves walks and human interaction. He’s curious about everything, jumps and frolics like a puppy, runs, sniffs around, enjoys ear scratches, and hugs. He is friendly, cheerful, and full of energy. Miś has already participated in several Adopt a Varsovian events.

During the event, you can inquire about adopting a pet from the Na Paluchu Shelter. There will also be activities in the “cat zone.”


JAZZ PO POLSKU showcases a wide spectrum of possibilities for young Polish artists. It promotes international cultural cooperation and integrates artists from many countries. Its goal is to refresh and strengthen the image of Polish jazz in the minds of foreign audiences.

minimalistic yellow poster siren warsaw jazz warsaw live session

As part of this initiative, the Michał Martyniuk Quartet (Michał Martyniuk – piano; Jakub Mizeracki – guitar; Bartłomiej Chojnacki – double bass; Patryk Dobosz – drums) will perform at the Jassmine club in Warsaw.

Michał Martyniuk is one of the most promising Polish jazz pianists and composers. He has five albums to his name, and “Nothing to Prove” earned him a nomination for the 2019 Fryderyk Award. He was also nominated for the 2020 NZ Music Awards in the Best Jazz Artist category in New Zealand for his EP “Resonate.” The music presented by the musicians falls within the realm of contemporary acoustic mainstream, appealing to long-time listeners and piquing the interest of the younger generation.

Run Forest, Run

On Sunday in Warsaw, there are planned events for runners of all ages. The jubilee 10th edition of the “Bieg przez Most” will take place in Białołęka, while the 16th edition of the charitable “Onkobieg” will be held in Ursynów.

bieg przez most peacemakerzy ballons tarchomin białołęka people runners
Photo credits: Urząd Dzielnicy Białołęka

The “Bieg przez Most” is the first event of the “Białołęka Running Triad” organized by the Białołęka district office. It is complemented by the local Independence Run on November 11th and the Freedom Run organized around the anniversary of martial law (this year on December 10th). On Sunday, nearly a thousand participants will compete on the streets of Tarchomin and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge. They will have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the ten-kilometer route. Additional attractions include children’s races ranging from 300 to 900 meters. The main race starts at 11:00 AM.

In Ursynów, the 16th edition of the charitable running event “Onkobieg” will take place. The route will be around the National Oncology Institute on Roentgena Street 5. The competition aims to support cancer patients and promote health prevention. The funds raised will help finance the purchase of prosthetic limbs lost due to cancer, psycho-oncological care, and non-refundable treatments and medications.

During the hour-long run from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, the eastern lane of Roentgena Street leading towards the Avenue of National Education will be completely closed to traffic.

Information about traffic organization during the races can be found on the website

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