Looking rough and ready, but also not short on warmth and banter, the Insider visits Piwna Beczka...

The Friday Feeling: Piwna Beczka The Friday Feeling: Piwna Beczka

Expats of a certain vintage will recall this address as the home of the Cork Irish Pub, a mythical venue decorated with faux stained glass, sticky floors and antique pictures of Dublin prostitutes. Found a sharp whistle from the Wilanowska Metro, Piwna Beczka hides inside a chipped-looking mixed-use pavilion dating from the PRL period – surrounded by modern office developments, you enter this faded, graffiti clad block with the sense of stepping back in time.

Welcoming as it actually is, you find yourself sitting inside the courtyard of a dilapidated building surrounded by uncut grass and the distant sounds of kids playing football.

Pallets and crates double as tables and chairs, and the place exudes the kind of masculinity that you’d get if a handyman turned his garage into a mancave for his friends to hang out, chuck darts and occasionally hold jam sessions.

In a city chockfull with generic options, the originality, character and fundamental warmth of this place is indeed most welcome.

On Tap
If you’re looking for a hidden local spot or just seek out something unusual then this pub offers three of their own beers as well as a rotating offer from high-caliber craft breweries such as Monsters, Palatum and Markowy – and that’s just on tap.

Co-founded by a Fin, look into the fridge for the occasional Finnish beer. With this address also doubling as a shop, expect a generous offer of bottled goodies from Poland’s craft and regional breweries. In our case, we can’t help but call out Darz Bór from Browar Gościszewo – smoky in taste, it’ll bring about memories of summer campfires.

Insider Tip
You know how we said this place isn’t unlike visiting a mate’s place? Well, their international friends swing by each Saturday to jam and bring the place alive – ask for their homemade moonshine and you’ll be sure the party will hit the next level.

Piwna Beczka
Al. Niepodległości 19 / 7, piwnabeczka.pl

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