The Heart Of The Kitchen The Heart Of The Kitchen

Never busier, it’s been all go at Kitchen since their welcome return to food from the soul…

It’s not hard to spot owner Tomek Woźniak: he’s the young guy with a grin so big you’d think he’s swallowed Warsaw. And in a way, he has. After a brief dalliance with fine dining, a few months ago Kitchen made a dramatic volte-face by returning to their comfort food roots. An identity crisis? A panic measure? If so, no-one told Tomek. The results have been resounding, with customers voting with their feet and flocking back in numbers. “All of a sudden,” says Tomek, “we can feel the place again.”

The good mood is palpable, with Kitchen whirring with life and racket from breakfast onwards – basically, like a kitchen should. Unsurprisingly, the new menu has played a key role in this. “Comfort food,” says Tomek, “is about meeting, eating and having fun – fine dining is great, but let’s be real, how often do you want to do it? People want food that they understand, they don’t want long explanations or to hear that this egg came from a chicken called Marco.”

Going hand in hand with best-selling items like meatballs, wings, lamb sausages and Pad Thai, are a spread of daily offers that have added to the buzz: Steak Tuesday’s (rib-eye for zł. 39) have been a hit. But we’re not telling you anything new – the chefs’ capabilities have always been apparent.

The real triumph lies in Kitchen’s evolution into an all-hours hangout; it’s gone beyond being a place where visits are based around meal times. “We hold something called ‘little Friday’ each Wednesday night,” says Tomek, “the music gets a little louder, and we slash 50% off Prosecco and Aperol Spritz. Once the real weekend begins we have DJs playing lounge music, live acts, and a bit of a pre-party vibe.” Of course, the weather has helped, with visitors enjoying a larger terrace with higher tables. “For the first time,” says Tomek, “the outside feels like an extension of the inside.” And what better time to consider that than on a groggy Sunday, with an all-day full English breakfast sitting in front of you…

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