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Enjoy the taste of Poland – crisp and fruity, salty and smoked, fermented and slightly acidic, but also spicy and sweet. At the Polish table we’ll explore the art of preserving, smoking, pickling, drying, pickling and curing – all the traditional methods of food preservation that are so connected to Poland.
At the Polish table you will get a map of Polish flavors and a taste of the essence of what Polish food is all about – we’ll let you experience the season with all your senses: smell, taste, touch and sight. We will touch your heart too!
Our Polish food experience comes complete with food stories told around the table.


  • Sauerkraut with linseed oil and Nigella
    Smorodina tincture / Zbigniew Sierszuła
  • Sourdough soup with saffron milk cup mushrooms
    Wheat single destillation / Polmos Siedlce
  • Herrings with rapeseed oil, apples an sour cream
    Sea buckthorn / Zbigniew Sierszuła
  • Duck confit with plum chutney and pearl barley with forest mushrooms
    Canva ’13 / Dom Bliskowice
  • Angel wings with nettle caster sugar
    Ovovit / J.A. Baczewski

Concept, Supervision & Speakers
Monika Kucia 

Culinary curator and journalist (, organizer of culinary tours and study visits (, author of Cuisine PL promoting Polish gastronomy during the Polish Presidency of the EU; organizer of cultural, artistic and educational events.

Julian Karewicz 

Head chef at Comfort Food Studio. During his career in gastronomy he has basically done everything: head chef at a Japanese restaurant, head bartender at Solec 44 and head grill master at the Weber Grills company. He runs Grill Gorillas and writes the barkuchnia blog for He is the co-author Przepisy i Opowieści and is fascinated with local produce.

Comfort Food Studio
Hala Koszyki (1st floor)
Koszykowa 63

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