The World Is Your Oyster The World Is Your Oyster

The beautiful Belon arrives to Poland…

It’s been dubbed the most noble of oysters, and as such has spawned a host of inferior imitations – most notably from America. But don’t be duped. For a genuine Belon oyster one must head to the Belon River in the north west of France. So that you don’t have to, L’Arc Varsovie have. Recently honored at the Insider’s annual awards as being the home of Warsaw’s best seafood, there’s not much L’Arc won’t do to ensure a faultless evening: that includes sending out a van twice a week (sometimes, even three or four times) to collect deliveries of Belons. “It’s a unique oyster,” says Przemek Kołtko of L’Arc, “in that it’s long and flat and comes with something of a nutty taste.” More challenging than your standard oyster, it’s one that rewards both persistence and exploration. “A lot of people don’t like Belons the first time they taste them,” he says, “but then most people don’t like oysters in general on first taste.” So how do you go about the business of enjoying the Belon? “Keep the way it’s served as simple as possible,” says Przemek, “either with lime or with sauce. Sauce does kill the flavour of the oyster a bit, so those new to trying Belons should maybe try that. But I always say play around, find your level: try it with or without, try drinking it or biting it – you’ll soon fall in love!” And any other Belon essentials? “Oh yes, a good wine or champagne!”

L’Arc Varsovie
ul. Puławska 16, tel. 22 465 1358, 519 000 050,
Open from 10 a.m. till last guest. Credit cards accepted.

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