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It’s fast. It never stops. It’s just around the corner. Usually in the city center in a flashy skyscraper. Intimate and yet easy to find, it serves specials, surprises you each week and keeps you coming back for more! This fast paced New York-style vibe is now yours to sample inside the Blue Tower on Pl. Bankowy.


Entered from ul. Corazziego, Tusz Tusz Bistro is becoming ever more popular among business people who need to be served fast, efficiently and yet have enough space for a comfortable business meeting. The contemporary setup includes eye-catching art from upcoming Polish contemporary artists which is also available to buy onsite.

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With Warsaw now eating more breakfast than ever, Tusz Tusz also offer a range of sexy morning courses created by their young, talented chef.

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Later in the day, try onion crème on white wine, shakshouka with fresh coriander or a sweet omelette with peanut butter and pears. And in the after office hours try the NYC-style selection of craft beers, the selection of vino de la casa or an aromatic drink before hopping on the nearby metro.


Once you’ve danced the night away, weekends are for those who love to entertain their senses. Brunch is a real New York thing, and here you’ll get it with individually roasted specialty coffee made to suit your style. Of course, it goes without saying that the ingredients are from local eco farmers and suppliers – after all, that’s one of the signatures of Tusz Tusz.


Tusz Tusz
Pl. Bankowy 2, facebook


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