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Uki Uki Uki Uki

There are some things in life worth the wait: the right one, the dream job, the big lottery win, etc. Udon noodles certainly fall under the etcetera bit. Depending on how busy they are, Uki Uki will prepare your noodles fresh within 15-30 minutes, though for shorter waiting times give the weekend a swerve and head down for lunch or after 7 on a weekday. The electric pasta maker, imported from Japan, is a Godzilla of a monster, compressing and even cutting the udon dough into chunky, chewy noodles that provide a solid foundation for a richly satisfying meal. Every now and again a restaurant comes along that makes Warsaw’s dining scene all the more complete – Uki Uki is one of those.
Uki Uki
ul. Krucza 23/31, tel. 728 827 705,


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