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132aWEBI’m definitely not a morning person, especially on Saturday’s, so the thing I like about Targ Śniadaniowy is that it’s much more than the breakfast market it modestly bills itself as. This magical open air spot is a bit of everything: a food market, a picnic, even a place to get your bike fixed. Business winds down around 4 p.m., and even I can wake up for that. That said, it’s worth getting there before. With around 50,000 Facebook likes you can imagine it does get busy and choice does diminish.

125aWEBThere’s also a chance I’m preaching to the converted, but yeah, it really is something with umpteen stalls and sellers trading fresh produce as well as food to eat onsite. That means everything from Brazilian grill shacks flogging cooked pineapples to Croatian meat skewers and vegetarian stalls selling piles of beans. Myself, I had a hangover to sweat off this afternoon so it was straight to Saffron Spices for an Indian feast – perfect, and even more so when combined with a weird Moon Brothers cola.


127aWEBWith the food aspect crossed off, it’s time to lurk about leering at all the good lookers splayed and displayed on the grass. Do so whilst perusing stalls hawking boutique doggie treats, hipster colas, natural ice cream and homemade lemonade. And don’t worry if you forgot to hit the ATM before arriving, find a funky little mobile bankomat housed in a car – how ace is that? Neither has the rest of Warsaw been ignored. While the original Żoliborz outpost is my fave, do check their other ventures across town.





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