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Vegan Pizza Vegan Pizza

Vegetarian is a bit of a buzz word all of a sudden: we’ve had vegetarian burgers, vegetarian hot dogs and, now, vegetarian pizza. And pretty good it is as well. The place itself lacks effort (a blackboard, some plain decorations and local radio for music), but the pizza cancels the unimaginative aesthetics right out. 

There’s 24 to choose from, including the Insider’s pick: Italian Madness (pesto, garlic, onion, tomato and cheese). In all truth, it’s not love at first bite. It tastes strange. There’s none of that familiarity you get with, say, Domino’s. But Domino’s is to pizza what Żywiec is to beer. Persisting, by the second slice we’re left nodding in approval. By the third, we’re in love. What is it that changes our mind? Maybe the melty, cheesy goo, or that herby burst of pesto. Either way, it’s an interesting departure from the cut and paste pizzerias that trade on the high street. Is a return on the cards? For sure.

Vega Pizza ul. Poznańska 7, facebook

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