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Vyceska Vyceska

As welcome as the craft revolution has been, there are times you just want a good honest pint: none of this fancy schmancy extra hops business, just a clean, crisp beer. So how about this, a multi-tap whose spotlight is focused on all things Czech…

Set out in Ursynów, the location is a bit of a puzzle: around the side of a warehouse-style building amid a forest of tower blocks and communist concrete. But there’s nothing grim about Vyceska. Set in a long, narrow room, the design is sharp and modern: overwhelmingly black with splashes of daffodil and natural wood (not to mention a slidey, glass door that reveals a battalion of locals playing bridge).

For beer there’s eight taps to choose from, and on our visit that included unfiltered Rampusak, Primator Weizen and the malty Dobruska Muderlant. And it gets better: with prices oscillating between zł. 8-12, you’re getting some of the world’s best beer for a price that’s less than a city center Żywiec. All of a sudden moving to Ursynów seems pretty smart.

Vyceska ul. Polinezyjska 10, facebook

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