City In-Spired. Warsaw new skyscraper. City In-Spired. Warsaw new skyscraper.

The most misappropriated term in the real estate dictionary? That’ll be the phrase ‘mixed-use development’: more often than not, that’s industry gibberish for an office block with a scattering of shops on ground level. Plac Europejski, however, is something else entirely. Here’s Warsaw Spire- the city’s new skyscraper.

by Alex WEBBER

Ghelamco_Plac Europejski_Warsaw_Spireaaa

A mixed-use development in the truest sense of the word, this ambitious project comprises a core of three office buildings, the tallest of which soars 220 meters into the sky. A dramatic addition to the horizon, it’s a landmark that defines the bold vision for the future of this slice of ‘new Warsaw’.

Warsaw Spire_kwiecieõ 2016a

But while the temptation, thus far, has been to stare upwards at this architectural showpiece, it’s the lower levels that demand attention. Forming part of Ghelamco’s development is plac Europejski, the largest general-access urban square in Warsaw’s post-war history. A place for all of Warsaw, the creation of this square installs a holistic sense of sanctuary amid this bustling new micro-district.

Ghelamco_Plac Europejskia

To meet this end, Ghelamco have recruited Wirtz International Landscape Architects, a firm whose portfolio includes London’s Jubilee Park and the gardens of Élysée Palace in Paris. Leafing through their blueprints, one’s gaze is met by scenes of pure tranquil beauty: curving walkways, pinches of greenery and fancy water features; an oasis of calm in the heart of what’s emerging as Warsaw’s new business district.

Ghelamco_plac Europejski (3)a

But it would be incorrect to think Plac Europejski as a scenic no-man’s land. Framing the 15,000 sq/m space will be a number of restaurants, cafes and bars, including the eagerly anticipated Stixx Bar & Grill. Occupying a former warehouse, this 1,500 sq/m venue promises a world class drinking and dining experience based around an innovative, international menu.

Ghelamco_plac Europejski (2)a

Due to officially open in mid-May, plac Europejski’s ribbon cutting looks likely to be one of the seminal events of the year. Taking place on May 14th – as part of the city’s wider Night of the Museums celebration – proceedings begin at 9 p.m. and will include an exhibition of upcoming artists representing the Academy of Fine Arts, a photography exhibition, outdoor theater, 3D mapping, the unveiling of the mural paintings and much more besides. For full details, see: Facebook

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