Review: Kur & Wino Review: Kur & Wino

It’s hard to fault a concept when it’s executed this well. In this case, that means chicken from Podlasie and guineafowl from Wielkopolska cooked rotisserie-style and then served either whole or halved on wooden trays with an array of homemade sauces that include sweet plum, spicy mango and Sriracha. And then there’s the sandwiches, beautiful things served on focaccia and smeared with honey mustard.

Sure, you could call it street food, but doing so underestimates the level of love and attention awarded to the product. That you’ll be enjoying it in a cool, funky backdrop makes it all the better: outside, sit amid crates filled with palms, inside, among funky-style furnishings that pair well with the PRL look of this high-ceilinged chamber. Opened at the start of the year, it’s already enshrined in local legend. 

Kur & Wino
ul. Andersa 21,

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