Risk of flash flood in Warsaw? Risk of flash flood in Warsaw?

Poland’s weather forecasters have warned of violent thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Also the National Meteorology, Hydrology and Water Management Institute has issued several flood warnings, especially for the Warsaw area. Is the capital city prepared for a deluge?


Climate anomalies have increased the serious risk of flood in Warsaw. This year it is not only the Vistula that might burst its banks. Warsaw is at risk of a flood as a result of intense rainfall. Submerged city roads and collapsed infrastructure left the capital paralyzed for couple of days. In just the last two months alone local emergency services have intervened more than a hundred times to deal with damage left after so-called cloudbursts.  

According to a report released by ADAPTCITY.pl, an organization dealing with hazard management, cloudbursts are the most dangerous form of flood. They are responsible for  flash hazards – short but violent floods featuring great volumes of water which follow excessive rainfall.

ADAPTCITY.pl says that raising awareness among municipality services is essential.“The best way to minimize risk is proper flash flood management, accompanied by cooperation from local institutions and inhabitants,” states the report. Spatial planning and separate infrastructure for high levels of precipitation are some of the ways that could minimize potential risks.

At the moment, it is difficult to predict when a flash flood could hit Warsaw, but meteorologists and experts alike are convinced that soon-to-be-seen scenes of water-filled streets are not without foundation. The ADAPTCITY.pl report warns that levels of rainfall will systematically increase. “This certainly means that more floods will occur,” according to the report.

FeatPhoto: Jeziorki.blogspot.com
(Source: Adaptcity.pl, wawalove.pl)

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