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On the occasion of Cinco de Mayo, join us for a look at our favourite Mexican haunts… Blue Cactus Elektrownia Powiśle & Fabryka Norblin... Warsaw’s Best Mexican Restaurants!
Warsaw’s Best Mexican Restaurants! Warsaw’s Best Mexican Restaurants!

On the occasion of Cinco de Mayo, join us for a look at our favourite Mexican haunts…

Blue Cactus

Elektrownia Powiśle & Fabryka Norblin

They say legends never die, and so it’s proved with the return of this institution. Though contemporary in its styling, nods to the past are plentiful and include such elements as the original chairs. It vibes well but it eats even better – the tacos and burritos never disappoint.

We Love

The culinary vision gazes way beyond the standard to present ‘Tex-Mex tartare’ and other curiosities – meanwhile, former mainstays have been tweaked and improved.

La Sirena

Piękna 54

Inspired by the ultra-violent films of Danny Trejo, the small but hardcore interior heaves with machetes, holy shrines, skulls and wire mesh. Introducing a more finessed approach to Mexican cuisine, the flavours and ingredients here speak of a kitchen keen to show a more nuanced side to this magical culture.

We Love

The cocktails here are inventive, exciting and expertly made and contribute to the social evening air.


Poznańska 16

You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy Momencik, for such is their excellence that this meat-free establishment easily out-runs most of the ‘proper’ Mexicans in Warsaw. Looking pokey, this sweaty subterranean den has a limited but excellent choice of tacos, burritos and flautas.

We Love

We would happily drink an ocean of their pineapple salsa and still ask for more.

Santa Catrina

Radna 14

Themed on Día de Muertos, the simple design makes use of copious floral additions and jaunty skull decorations based on José Guadalupe Posada’s prints of La Calavera Catrina. The work of Isabel Balderas, her food has even come endorsed by Juan Sandoval, Mexico’s Ambassador to Poland.

We Love

The air of authenticity. Cliché as the interior may look, it’s comforting to find it drowned in Latin American accents.

Senor Lucas

Hoża 41 (enter from Poznańska 16)

Once submerged down one of those cramped, little walk-down units on Poznańska, Senor Lucas have upped sticks to move into a larger space around the corner – we haven’t visited just yet , but we’re expecting a continuation of their past excellence: namely, brill burritos and rolled quesadillas stuffed with marinaded meats singing with peppy salsas, for many this spot can’t be beat.

We Love

At a time when restaurateurs are adding zeros to their price tags, Senor Lucas continue to dish up a bargain in the truest of senses.

Taco Loco

Jana Pawła 45A

Lit by a green neon cactus in the window, Taco Loco looks cheap and cheerful so the big surprise here is that it out-punches many of Warsaw’s more high income Mexican venues. The chili-jalapeno poppers have that perfect crispy, gooey bite, and there’s little faulting the tacos and burritos.

We Love

The salsas go beyond the call of duty – for something that sends a brief electric current down your spine, order the Carolina RIP.

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