Weles Cocktails Weles Cocktails

Both covert and clandestine, there’s something deliciously decadent about the mysterious Weles…

Were it not for the decorative fire column signposting the entrance, you’d think the doorway marked a porter’s secret nook: yeah, the kind filled with broomsticks, buckets and dirty magazines. Instead, a swing of the door takes visitors plunging down a blacked-out stairwell and into a basement that emerges from the darkness like a decadent Tsarist relic: glinting chandeliers glimmer over deep leather sofas, their subtle light casting a glow over an immaculate clientele comprised of architects, fashion bloggers and bearded hotshots – immediately you realize it’s a place aimed at adults (with prices to match). Befitting the venue, the artisanal cocktails are a work of elaborate craftsmanship, and incorporate everything from elite liquors to strips of bacon and flower petals. Hefty bills are par the course, yet you leave with no regrets.

ul. Nowogrodzka 11

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