Xmas Travel: Wrocław Xmas Travel: Wrocław

Entwined within a tangle of ribboning rivers, Wrocław is a place of soaring spires and tight, cobbled alleys. Known by some as ‘the city of a hundred bridges’, this stunning town enchants all who visit.

The historic Monopol, a swank ensemble of marble, walnut and modern trimmings, is the grande dame of Wrocław hotels. Elsewhere, the Grape is a blueprint for boutique residences everywhere with 13 wine-themed rooms inside a gabled villa with pointy towers – ideal for eloping couples.

Jadka reinterprets Old Polish cuisine by mixing contemporary methods with handpicked regional produce – well-traveled foodies cite it as one of the Top 5 restaurants in PL. Less formal, Konspira serves traditional food inside an interior festooned with Cold War mementos. For ethnic zap, pow and vegan sizzle then head to Baszta, a Thai restaurant found inside a haunted medieval tower.

A spate of modern attractions have cropped up, among them the Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, which explores the story of post-war Wrocław, the stunning Afrykarium aquarium, and the high-tech Hydropolis water museum. Finally, walk across the photogenic Tumski Bridge to reach the Cathedral of St. John: the view from the top is magic.

The craft beer scene is cresting and while many rarely look beyond the Old Town’s copious choice (e.g. Kontynuacja), the out-of-center Stu Mostów is a lively, award-winning brewery that shouldn’t be missed for a true taste of Wrocław. For something entirely more cerebral, join the pseudo intellectuals that gather in the dimly-lit bars and cafes of ul. Włodkowica.

Don’t Miss
Since 2005 over 400 gnomes have appeared on the streets of Old Town like an irritating rash. Find out why and where at probably the only gnome information point in the world: krasnale.pl

The Xmas Market
The Old Town’s Christmas Market is one of Poland’s top seasonal draws. Things to watch for include carol concerts, a ‘house of dwarves’ and an ‘elf and reindeer’ parade.

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