Meet the naughty rascal that everyone’s talking about…

You Little Rascal! You Little Rascal!

Founded by interior designer Dominika Buck and film producer Radek Drabik, Natural Rascal caught the zeitgeist to become Warsaw’s most talked about importer in 2020. Specializing in natural wines sourced from small, artisanal wineries, the diverse and extensive portfolio favors the unconventional with the pair choosing only to work with organic or biodynamic vineyards.

“The wines we present don’t use pesticides or herbicides,” they say. “The winemakers we use harvest and select their grapes by hand and the wines are fermented spontaneously without the use of artificial additives. They’re as close to nature as possible, which makes them not just healthy but hangover free.” Really? Yes!

Selected Wines

Lammidia Bianchetto
In this wine, find balanced acidity with earthy and zesty notes going with a pinch of tannins. Combining the expressive nature of an orange wine with a mineral and salty finish, it’s ideal for a slow afternoon spent with friends.

If a Pét-Nat from Slovakia sounds crazy, then it’s not as crazy as this creamy, peachy wine. Blending Pesecká Leánka and Pinot Gris, and matured in oak casks, drinkers are urged to take note of the name: it likes to go off!

Beaujolais Rouge Gisous
A good, slow sip, this Gamay is produced using ninety-year old vines that pay tribute to Gisous, the manufacturer’s grandmother. Though satisfying and rustic, it’s also elegant and minimalist.

Costadila Móz
This beautiful, light orange Pét-Nat is a Prosecco col fondo – with sediment. Unfiltered and unrefined Glera with added Moscato brings plenty of citrus tastes along with wild rose and bergamot. The glou-glou style of this wine see bottles run dry within the snap of a finger.


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