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Murals of Praga

Murals of Praga

Features 31 May 2023 0

Seen as the birthplace of Warsaw street art, join us for a summertime safari of our favourite murals in Praga… and beyond! Bird & Snake by DALeast (2014) Bliska 23 Painted in a day, this image is composed of several thousand tangled strands with the brittle-looking wires merging to... Read more
Warsaw Nightlife: Roofs & Views For 2023
With summer setting itself up to be a scorcher, join us as we take a tour of Warsaw’s best rooftop bars… Loreta Widok 9 (Puro Hotel) Loreta channels the spirit of this design-led hotel brand through its funky décor and eclectic art. The terrace, though, is the clincher. As... Read more
Succession: Made In Warsaw
The mega-hit HBO series has the world’s tele addicts hooked, but how would it play out in a Warsaw context? Kerry’s Little Flat Even in a series brimming with scathing insults and epic putdowns, there is nothing that competes with Marcia haughtily announcing: “We’re calling Kerry a taxi to... Read more
Un-frog-ettable: new Muranów fountain!
Years after it disappeared – seemingly forever – Muranów’s legendary frog fountain has returned… Dismantled in the 90s to make way for a pavilion that today houses Biedronka, a charming fountain has been returned to the northern district of Muranów. Found in the courtyard of Nowolipie 21, the fountain... Read more
Going Out: Młodsza Siostra
An unpolished jewel, Młodsza Siostra is the courtyard secret that everyone needs to know… What’s In A Name Translated to mean ‘younger sister’, you’d be right to ask that if this is the little un’, then who’s the older one? That is (or was), Eufemia, a cult bar that... Read more
Eating Out: The Eatery
Moving to a more central GPS, The Eatery’s migration is good news for the city… Looking back at 2021, one of our undisputed gastro highlights was the discovery of The Eatery. Among other words, we called it “bloody brilliant”, “fabulous”, and “the most unexpected surprise of the year”. Yep,... Read more
In The Spotlight: Chaton Warsaw
It’s not just Warsaw that’s been seduced by the glamorous allure of this exclusive dinner-show club… Hailed as the most exclusive club in Poland, Chaton Warsaw Dinner Show & Club has already become an entrenched favourite of showbiz celebs, visitors, expats and the local high-flyer. Set across five levels... Read more
Going Out: Brać
By thrusting domestic wines into the spotlight, Brać rip-up convention and do something special… You wouldn’t say it had flatlined, but a couple of years ago you would have been forgiven for accusing Warsaw’s wine scene of getting a little sleepy – if you were a wine bar, it... Read more
Charles de Gaulle Statue: 18 Today!
Originally unveiled in 2005 by the French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, May 15th marks the 18th birthday of Warsaw’s Charles de Gaulle statue. Cast from bronze in Bielsko-Biała, it was copied on a Jean Cardot sculpture that debuted in Paris five years before. Four metres in height, and depicting... Read more
Welcome: The Giant Egg!
Years after plans were first made public, a giant egg has been unveiled on Plac Pięciu Rogów. Unveiled on the doorstep of the Jabłkowski Department Store, the striking installation measures 2.1-metres in height and 2.2-metres in width. Precisely 3-metres in length, the egg was unveiled on Friday by the... Read more