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Going Out: Syty Chmiel
At Syty Chmiel, it’s not just the beer that elevates this newbie to Warsaw’s attention… Left largely to fend for itself during the lockdowns, Poland’s craft beer sector has struggled to adjust to the new reality since the easing of restrictions, and that much has been evidenced by the... Read more
Going Out: Charlie Kinoteka
The legendary Charlie cocktail bar finds a new miniaturized form inside the Palace of Culture… Charlie gets the big screen treatment… Every cocktail afficionado will already be aware of the enigmatic Charlie on Mokotowska, and in all likelihood they’ll know it as much for its sense of 1920s glam... Read more
Cybermachina: the future of bars!
Players Ready: but are you? Discover the games pub taking Warsaw by storm! Where Is It? The Nowy Świat addy is a deception. Find Cybermachina not on the main high street but rather behind it on ul. Gałczyńskiego. Set in a labyrinthine basement unit just past the very decent... Read more
Warsaw’s Best Craft Beer Bars!
With the 13th Warsaw Beer Festival now a memory, those who’ve gained a thirst for craft beer are spoiled for choice – over 40 bars are listed on the ontap.pl app, but to make life easier we’ve picked up some of our Insider favorites! The Original Cuda Na Kiju... Read more
Warsaw’s Top Alternative Wine Stores
Having a night in? Then forget the bog standard offers, and join us instead for a tour of the stores that are selling wines for the times! Barika Emilii Plater 36 Arranging their stock via style and price rather than country of origin, Barika’s alternative approach is well-suited to... Read more
Warsaw’s Most Romantic Bars
With St. Valentine knocking on the door, join us for a look at some of Warsaw’s most romantic (and not so romantic) bars, clubs and drinking dens. Get… Intimate Aura Hoża 27 A candidate for Warsaw’s smallest bar, this little corner of Hoża seduces with its sensually exotic air.... Read more
Matcha Madness In Moya Matcha!
A unique combination of matcha bar, tea room and organic Moya tea store, the Polish-Japanese brand Moya Matcha has opened its first restaurant in Warsaw. Selling original Moya Matcha gift sets and ceramics, drink Matcha in its various versions or try a choice of Asian delicacies prepared by chef... Read more
Review: Dobre Materia
Muranow’s new local hero! Sweet Beginnings  When Dobra Materia opened last May, they marked their launch by handing out slices of cake baked to look like the building in which they’re set. As a gesture, it said much for their enthusiasm for Muranów and their will to connect to... Read more
Review: Lane’s Gin Bar
Cocktail culture takes a new twist at Lane’s Gin Bar… Coordinates Celebrating its 120th birthday late last year, the Bristol has long distinguished itself as the grand dame of Polish hotels. Hosting a never-ending roll-call of A-list stars and celebs, it remains as relevant now as when it first... Read more
Nightlife Debuts: Hot List 2021
After all the Doomsday predictions, 2021 saw a wealth of hot openings where nightlife was concerned. Without further ado, we bring you our choice of the Insider’s favorites. Beer Station Centrum ul. Lwowska 17 Traipse down a plunging set of stairs to reach a cave-like space whose warm brick... Read more

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