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Going Out: Uwaga Piwo
One of Warsaw’s newer craft bars lifts the standard of an already competitive sector… Just to think, when Norblin and Browary opened last year within months of each other, there were those that asked if Warsaw was big enough for the pair to thrive – but thrive they have.... Read more
Going Out: Rascal Bar
Having first carved a name as importers, the Rascal team have returned with what has reportedly become the biggest natural wine bar in the whole of Europe… Who’s The Rascal? Actually, there’s two! Created by Dominika Buck and Radek Drabik, this duo carry considerable weight in Poland’s creative circles... Read more
Warsaw Nightlife: Roofs & Views For 2022
With August setting itself up to be a scorcher, join us as we take a tour of Warsaw’s best rooftop bars… Loreta Widok 9 (Puro Hotel) Loreta channels the spirit of this design-led hotel brand through its funky décor and eclectic art. The terrace, though, is the clincher. As... Read more
Nighttime Food Market in Warsaw
Heard of a food market that opens only at night? This late night food market in Warsaw is the city’s coolest spot to satisfy that nighttime food craving! Over the last decade Warsaw’s gastro scene experienced several watershed moments, some bigger than others: from the country’s first Michelin star... Read more
Warsaw Summer Jazz Days
Kicking off today, the latest edition of Warsaw Summer Jazz Days is ready to thrill! Held at the legendary Klub Stodoła, four concert evenings await fans of the genre. Promising jazz in all of its varieties, you’ll see and hear three acts a day. Among the performers are: sensational... Read more
Going Out & Getting High: Ether Bar
Follow us for an insider look at Warsaw’s latest rooftop bar… Warsaw likes drinking from up high, but even so pickings remain slim – regardless, the headcount has been upped, and that’s thanks to the recent unveiling of Ether, the not-so-secret ace card belonging to the NYX Hotel. Having... Read more
Going Out: Republica de San Escobar
Settled inside one of Warsaw’s liveliest areas, we take a deeper look at one of the city’s latest cult hangouts… What’s In A Name? Depending on how you look at it, the name is either a reference to that Columbian dude Pablo, or a tongue-in-cheek dig at one of... Read more
Lwowska: The Next Big Thing?
Always pretty, but always pretty boring, Lwowska street is finally having its day thanks to a rash of recent openings that have handed it new life. Could this yet become ‘the new Poznańska’? Beer Station Centrum Lwowska 17 A proper pub whose international audience is dominated by exiled Belarussians... Read more
Going Out: Syty Chmiel
At Syty Chmiel, it’s not just the beer that elevates this newbie to Warsaw’s attention… Left largely to fend for itself during the lockdowns, Poland’s craft beer sector has struggled to adjust to the new reality since the easing of restrictions, and that much has been evidenced by the... Read more
Going Out: Charlie Kinoteka
The legendary Charlie cocktail bar finds a new miniaturized form inside the Palace of Culture… Charlie gets the big screen treatment… Every cocktail afficionado will already be aware of the enigmatic Charlie on Mokotowska, and in all likelihood they’ll know it as much for its sense of 1920s glam... Read more

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