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Event Spotlight: Undercover Fest
Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana – if that sounds like a dream festival line-up, then dream no more! Bringing together the best tribute acts around, the upcoming Undercover Fest will see these bands and more perform – joining them, find Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay,... Read more
Sporting Style From Designer Outlet Warszawa
If you’re looking to put the finishing touches to your summer beach bod, then at least do so in style – whether you’re getting sweaty on the tennis court or the running track, at Designer Outlet Warszawa style solutions await that ensure you’ll always look good no matter how... Read more
The Art of Győző Somogyi
Titled Hungarian Tales in the Painting of Győző Somogyi, the latest exhibition at Łazienki’s Museum of Hunting & Horsemanship presents fifty works from the canon of Győző Somogyi. Running until June 30th, the exhibition isn’t short on natural and animalistic accents, making it the perfect match for its host... Read more
Fashion: Spring Style
As life blooms anew, celebrate those crisp, clear days of early spring with a look that is as clean and fresh as the blue skies above. And where better to accessorize your wardrobe than at Designer Outlet Warszawa. Designer Outlet Warszawa ul. Pulawska 42E, Read more
There’s A Good JOKR
Unannounced guests? A hungry, angry child? Or a special event that’s run short of booze! Such situations are common, but now these nightmare scenarios have been cracked by an online delivery service that recognizes that time is EVERYTHING. Heralded as their first European city, and one of the first... Read more
Elektrownia Powiśle: Because You’re Beautiful!
Showcasing unique solutions for unique people (yes, that means you!), Elektrownia Powiśle’s Beauty Hall defies classification. Yes, it offers a safe harbor in which to replenish your looks, but that represents just a fragment of the story. Under the expert eye of Maryla Szpala, manager of the Beauty Hall,... Read more
Fashion: Fall In Love With The Autumn Look
Opening Gambit Shield yourself from the crisp morning chill with a stylish overcoat or capture the warm glowing hues of autumn with a chic outsized suit that emphasizes your confident personality. Coat by Max Mara / Made in M zł. 3,719 now zł. 2,609 Shoes by Manila Grace zł.... Read more
Art Is Not A Crime!
Running from September 30th to October 3rd, nearly sixty artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Netherlands and the USA will be presented at Elektrownia Powiśle, Hala Gwardii and Art in house. According to the organizers, “all artists share an excellent artistic level and an original approach... Read more
The Future Of Education Is Here
It would be an understatement to say that the Thames British School has entered the educational market in spectacular style; redefining the city’s private educational sector, the group has liaised with a number of well-established and recognized schools to build a prestigious brand based upon a unique and undeniably... Read more
Designer Outlet Warszawa: Hot For Summer
After the isolation of the pale winter months, this summer promises to be a party to remember – and as we accustom ourselves to the forgotten concept of socially connecting, it’s to the city’s terraces, gardens and riverbank we’ll head. But climbing out of hibernation to drink bubbles is... Read more

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