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Anti-Smog Mural Lands In Wola
Look who’s done it again! Widely known for his surrealistic water colors, Tytus Brzozowski has added to his portfolio of murals with another large-format stunner in downtown Warsaw. Found on ul. Wschowska 10, the latest makes use of anti-smog technology and was created using special paints that deaden the... Read more
Most Poniatowskiego: Happy Birthday!
Often lauded as the most beautiful bridge in Warsaw, Most Poniatowskiego celebrates its 108th birthday today. Ten years in the making, it was opened by the Russian Governor, Georgi Skalon, on January 6th, 1914; but despite its copious aesthetic value, ‘the third bridge’ as it was nicknamed was deemed... Read more
Insider Preview: Skyfall!
Though it remains unknown when exactly it will open to the public, one thing that’s guaranteed is that it’ll be worth the wait. Set on the 46th floor of The Unit skyscraper in the heart of Warsaw’s new business district, the heart of the Skyfall facility is a quadruple... Read more
Garden of Lights Opens In Wilanów
According to the organizers, “the elements and details of the light exhibition refer to iconographic sources, the coat of arms of Jan III Sobieski and the symbolism of the palace.” “The entrance to the garden is guarded by eagles adorning the illuminated pergola,” they continue. “In the northern garden,... Read more
Art Is Not A Crime!
Running from September 30th to October 3rd, nearly sixty artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Netherlands and the USA will be presented at Elektrownia Powiśle, Hala Gwardii and Art in house. According to the organizers, “all artists share an excellent artistic level and an original approach... Read more
School of Ecomics Wows With New Building
Better-known under its Polish name, Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie (SGH), the new building will tout lecture halls, classrooms, an auditorium as well as research and office space. However, it is the design that has merited the most attention. Combining a slew of innovative features, the PLN 85.9 million... Read more
Signed & Sealed: Redevelopment of Uprising Hill
Costing PLN 24 million, the project will be executed by Remondis and will begin next month. Should all go to schedule, the area will reopen to the public by the end of 2022. Found in the city’s Siekierki district, the mound was created in the post-war years from tons... Read more
Don’t Miss: Święto Wisły!
Taking place throughout Saturday, Święto Wisły has for years celebrated the riverfront with the one-day festival seeking to reconnect residents with the Wisła. Beginning at noon, the 13th edition of the festival will present performances on floating stages with artists including those from the Sinfonia Varsovia, Teatr Roma and... Read more
Inventors Park For Ursynow!
What is it with Ursynow lately? Another day, another post about the city’s southernmost district – this time, that’s on account of another park, this one dedicated to Polish inventors. Titled Park Polskich Wynalazców, and slated for a 2022 completion, the new space will seek to preserve the existing... Read more
Ursynów Set For Stunning Park Makeover
Established in 2016, and named Park im. Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK after a WWII paratrooper regiment, the park is built around a hill that was constructed on top of leftover construction debris amassed whilst the neighboring housing estates were being built in the 1970s. The planned redevelopment of the park... Read more

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