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Plac Defilad Going Green
With a tender to find a contractor already announced, further plans have been revealed to transform Pl. Defilad into an urban oasis. Currently seen as one of Poland’s worst examples of ‘concrete-osis’, the grey tundra surrounding the Palace of Culture is in the process of undergoing a metamorphosis, thanks... Read more
Pearls of Warsaw: City Secrets Unveiled!
Held to find the city’s best hidden attractions, the latest installment of the Pearls of Warsaw competition has concluded. Seeking to “emphasize the unique character of the town’s different districts”, the winner was decided by a public vote on Facebook. In third was a walk around the hidden spots... Read more
EU’s Tallest Tower Opens!
Lauded as one of ‘the new symbols of Warsaw’, the Varso Tower is now officially open for business after welcoming its first tenant yesterday. Designed by Foster + Partners, the EU’s tallest architectural structure has been dubbed the ‘final showpiece’ of the mixed-use Varso Place project. Reaching 310-meters to... Read more
Events: Viva Mexico!
Jointly organized by the Mexican Embassy, Saturday and Sunday will see Hala Gwardii in line for a full Mexican makeover. Set to include concerts courtesy of the Monarka Mex Folk group, as well as Mariachi Real and jazz from Eduard Bortolotti, the event will also include embroidery and handicraft... Read more
Warsaw’s Bar Opens Second Location
Already housing an on-edge department store and unique photographic gallery, Leica 6x7m, it seemed only a matter of time until a food and drink concept would open to complement the cool factor espoused by the brands and images displayed within.   Making full use of the ground-floor space as well... Read more
Green Light For Green Chmielna
Plans to turn Chmielna into a green, pedestrian artery took a step closer to being realized after the city’s conservator granted permission for works to take place. First announced last year, the long-awaited renovation will follow a design by RS Architektura Krajobrazu. Writing on Facebook, the studio said: “It... Read more
Polish Posters: A Valuable Investment
Insider’s Poster Guide  For some people, paintings on canvas may seem ostentatious or simply be too expensive. Posters, however, due to the fact that they are easy to duplicate, can be printed and issued at a significantly lower cost. And, for those who wish to maintain the element of uniqueness and... Read more
Singer’s Warsaw Festival Returns
The 19th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival – Singer’s Warsaw kicks-off today before concluding on September 4th. Featuring a range of concerts, shows, performances, walks and workshops, the event will fuse together aspects of Jewish culture, art and tradition in locations around Warsaw. Keeping in mind current events,... Read more
On This Day: 74 Years Ago Picasso Came To Poland!
Find Out Why  Today marks 74-years since the arrival of Pablo Picasso to Poland. The famed artist first set foot in Wrocław, where he attended the World Congress of Intellectuals held at the Wrocław Technical University on August 25th 1948. The event was organized by the government and, according... Read more
A Sensory Experience For Children
Tired of playgrounds and swimming pools? Engage all of your child’s senses with this educational and developmental experience – and it’s open to kids as young as one!  In Sensorysie, a space of over 800 sq/m, you will discover a world tailored to captivate even the most easily-distracted littles... Read more

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