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Enter The Baron

Enter The Baron

Features 20 April 2020 0

WI: We knew about the virus for months, yet it seems every single country in Europe was surprised when it hit them. As an industry, should the restaurant world have taken more notice? AB: We have a proverb in Polish – mądry Polak po szkodzie – which means it’s... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Chef
Sebastian Wełpa So here we have it, the latest twist in Ale Wino’s remarkable story. To think, it all began as a humble online wine portal. But people liked it, to the extent a bricks and mortar venue was needed. Again, the public voted yes, and soon tables and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Lifetime Achievement (Food)
Paweł Oszczyk (La Rotisserie) It’s an irresistible restaurant, La Rotisserie. Placed down a scenic, cobbled street in Warsaw’s New Town, the culinary arm of the Regina Hotel is refined yet restrained: probably more so in nature than it is in look. There’s no shouty PR here, no camera crews... Read more